Thursday, April 12, 2018

Law Essentials for Entrepreneurs, May 2018

Conducting training in Atlanta, May 2018:

-        How much legal protection you get depends on your budget

Entrepreneurs: Common Law Mistakes
-          - Incorporating before a trademark search
-         -  Entity selection
-          - Shareholders Agreement
o   Exercise on varied interests
o   Attorney-Client Privilege
-          - Work for Hire Agreements
o   Transfer of IP
-         -  Leverage with standard contract clauses
o   Is a Letter of Intent/MOU enforceable?

Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
-          - Protection is easy - Enforcement is difficult and expensive
-          - Copyrights
-          - Trademarks
o   Name/logo (copyright too)/slogan/trade dress
-          - Patents
o   Utility/Plant/Design
o   Patent Trolls/Non-Practicing Entities (NPE)
-         -  Trade Secrets
-          - Licensing
o   Exclusive and non-exclusive

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