Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Binder Law Training Topics, 2019-2020

For HR Professionals and company employees:

I. Leading By Example 
A. Ethics in the Workplace for Managers, Supervisors, and all Employees
-   B. Social Media in the Workplace
-   C. Re-Sensitizing Employees to Harassment and Discrimination Issues

II. Internal Controls: Protecting the Company’s Assets
A. Contracts - What managers and supervisors need to know about contracts
B. Intellectual Property - All employees must guard the company’s valuable brand
C. Minimizing External Business Risks with an Effective Document Retention Program

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

IP for WomenLead GSU Entrepreneurs

Great time speaking on hashtagIP for hashtagWomenLead hashtagGSU hashtagEntrepreneurs class with Dr. Isabelle Monlouis.hashtag

5 Common Law Mistakes:
Choosing wrong business partners
Incorporating before a trademark search
Securing corporate name trademark protection
Entity selection
- Not having a Shareholders Agreement to protect self-interest
- Not having Work for Hire Agreements with Transfer of IP

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Speaking on 5 Most Common Law Mistakes when Starting a Business

Great time today speaking in GSU College of Arts Jeff Boortz #GraphicArts class on the 5 biggest law mistakes in starting a business. ⁦

Friday, July 26, 2019

Training Session: Minimizing External Business Risks

Looking forward to this session:

Minimizing External Business Risks - Half Day - Three (3) contact hours*

A. Overview of Legal System
-          How attorneys strategize and interact with the business side

B. Effective document retention programs
-          Paper and electronic
-          What is a litigation hold?

      C. Introduction to Business Litigation
-         Types of damages
-         Mitigation of damages
-         Agency issues
-         Equitable Issues
-         Defenses

D. The Business Person’s Role in the Litigation Process
-         A business case is built on documents
How to avoid "smoking gun" documents 
How electronic discovery is increasing corporate risk
Ethical solutions to potential liability issues 
Your role in a lawsuit's discovery process 
o   Production of documents
o   Preparing for your deposition
Effective interaction with counsel 
Defusing lawyer tricks and tactics
Interactive exercises:  Ethics module
Homework: GM case

* This session can be in a Full Day, Six (6) hour format. (usually done for paralegal or new attorney training and may not be needed for business people)

Inc. Magazine: New Survey Asked Employees How They Feel About Work

Hmm ... “73 percent say they wish their companies would offer "educational opportunities or workshops outside of work hours."