Saturday, December 16, 2023

Teaching Technology Law for Entrepreneurs, Spring 2024

I am looking forward to this class. In it, I explain that lawyers ask many questions before they give answers / No “one size fits all.” 

Legal Questions if we Started a Business to Build and Monetize an App 



  • Is your app unique? 
  • Can its functions be replicated by others? 
  • Is your app legally protectable? 
    • Functionality 
    • Content 
    • Name 
      • Have you secured domains names prior to a trademark search? 
  • Are you an idea person, a techie, or both? 
    • Do you need a partner to succeed? 
      • If so, do you have an agreement? 
        • Are you putting in the same amount of money? 
          • Do some bring sweat equity? 
            • Are the roles well defined? 
      • Do you need to incorporate? 
  • Will the app collect data? 
    • Do you know the latest laws governing EU nations and data privacy? 
  • While developing your app, are you factoring in commercial appeal? 
    • How are you going to make money? 
      • Are there licensing opportunities? 
        • Are there cross-licensing opportunities? 
    • How are you going to market your product? 
      • Leveraging the internet and social networks for business gain 
      • SEO 
      • Keyword Advertising 
        • E.g. Google Ads 
      • What’s the best social media tool to promote your product? 
      • How do you get on the Apple Store/Google Play? 
  • Will your app have a supporting web page that enhances the app experience? 
  • Do you need to hire independent contractors to develop the app, create a logo, or design a web page? 
    • What contracts MUST you have those people sign? 
  • Who will sign confidentiality agreements and who may say no 
  • Do you have Disclaimers and a TOS? 
    • Are they enforceable?

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Interactive Company Training for 2023-2024 (In-Person and via Zoom)

 I. LIGHTBULBS for Leaders: Inspiring Teams with Your Passion  - Workshop Exercise: “Binder’s Reminders” for Mentors Working with Gen Z and Millennials

 II. Leading by Example to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture
A. Handling Employee Social Media Issues in and out of the Workplace
B. Ethics and Morale Building in the Workplace for Executives, Managers, or Employees

C. Re-Sensitizing Employees to Harassment and Discrimination Issues

 IIII. Internal Controls: Protecting the Company’s Assets
A. Contracts - What managers and supervisors need to know about contracts
B. Intellectual Property - All employees must guard the company’s valuable brand
C. Minimizing External Business Risks with an Effective Document Retention Program

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Interactive Student Training Topics

 Education Programs for College and High School Students

I.    Being a Savvy Consumer
II.  Consumer Advocacy Skills
III. First Day of College - What's that Like?

Monday, November 15, 2021

Just Published: Teaching Consumer Law & Advocacy Skills with a Judge Judy Team Project


In my effort to teach civil justice issues, I wrote 
Teaching Consumer Law & Advocacy Skills with a Judge Judy Team Project for the Midwest Law Journal.

Click here to read

Friday, June 11, 2021

Honored to Receive the GSU Sparks Service Award


The Sparks Award recognizes those at Georgia State who exemplify a willingness to go the extra mile with good humor and perseverance like the award’s namesake, George McIntosh Sparks, who was president of the university from 1928 to 1957.

Many thanks to Marta White (Nominator), Jenifer Shockley, and Mhakai King.  Their video tributes can be viewed here.

Press Release (April 2021) can been found here.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Holidays / Web Site has 55,000 Unique Visits in 2020


Everyone - I want to wish you a happy holiday in this trying year.  I especially want to express my gratitude to clients this year and from years past.

Looking forward to getting back to in-person training some time in 2021.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Just Published: The Entrepreneurs with No Garage Project

Entrepreneurs with No Garage is a team project in my Tech Law for Entrepreneurs course, focusing on the most common mistakes that people make when forming a business without legal counsel. In the assignment, students assume the role of a hypothetical business partner in a start-up with only $500 for initial legal costs. Students participate in exercises that allocate these funds; assess personal and company risk levels; draft a Shareholder Agreement entailing different roles and capital contributions; and write a Work for Hire agreement with a clause conferring intellectual property ownership.