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Binder Media Quotes on Harassment and Social Network Issues

Binder Quoted in Print Media Over the Years

* Harassment/Discrimination/Assault Issues
Associated Press - Legal experts see signs of trouble for Wal-Mart's Coughlin
Financial Times - Wal-Mart Class action Certification
Anytime you have a high-profile company like Wal-Mart facing class certification of 1.6m people, it rings like a wake-up call to plaintiff attorneys to believe anything is possible, said Perry Binder, legal studies professor at Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business....  If the plaintiffs survive the appeal, I believe we will see similar attempts to group large class-actions together.
Atlanta Journal Constitution - Wal-Mart Class action Certification
Already the case has generated more than 200 depositions and a million pages of documents.... One expert estimated if the case went to trial, damages could soar into the billions of dollars. If there was a settlement, it likely could dwarf the settlement in the Home Depot case," Binder said of the 1997 sex discrimination suit in which the Atlanta-based home improvement chain paid $104 million, without admitting wrongdoing, to 25,000 female employees.
Associated Press (over 100 newspapers) - Wal-Mart Gender Discrimination
USA Today - Wal-Mart Gender Discrimination
The potential damages are huge, says Perry Binder, a legal studies professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Other businesses will watch this very closely.
Court TV Radio - Duke Lacrosse Sexual Allegations
Rocky Mountain News - Kobe Bryant Civil Case
MSNBC & Orange County Register - Kobe Bryant Civil Case
Philadelphia Inquirer/San Jose Mercury News - Kobe Bryant Civil Case
Papa Joe Chevalier Syndicated Radio Show  - New York Knicks/MSG Sexual Harassment case
Newsday  - New York Knicks/MSG Sexual Harassment case

* Social Network/Internet Law Issues
HR Executive magazine - Responding to Employee Blogs
HR leaders may be stunned to read what some former employees, current employees, and even potential hires are saying on blogs about various companies. And depending on the size of their companies, such leaders may also be surprised at how many competitors and customers are blogging about their products or services.
Supplier Diversity Review magazine – Quoted on Social Media policies (October 2010)
WSB-TV Atlanta – Facebook and Privacy (October 2010)
Atlanta Business Chronicle - Let Employees Write Blogs (Viewpoint)
Spirit Magazine 
- Blog policy for employees
Cox News Services - Ringtones becoming more personalized
Christian Science Monitor/CBS News/ABC News - YouTube and Copyright Laws
It's up to the courts to continually balance the rights of those who own copyrighted material with the need for society to adapt to emerging technology, says Perry Binder, assistant professor of legal studies at Georgia State University....  Mr. Binder says movie and TV industries are figuring out how to handle the more serious abuses, such as excessive downloading by casual users, profiting from the sale of a downloaded video, and having a website that links to copyrighted videos, particularly if the Web page profits from drawing traffic to the pages. These people should expect 'cease and desist' letters from attorneys and face the threat of a lawsuit if copyrighted material is not taken down immediately, says Binder.
FOX-TV Atlanta - Employees who blog on and off company time
Times-Herald - Music downloading
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Music copyright lawsuit
Investor's Business Daily - Domain Name issues
The Freelance Star, Fredericksburg, VA - Domain Name issues
The Columbian, Vancouver, WA - Domain Name issues

* Tort and Contract Litigation
Mundo Hispanico – Quoted in article on alleged slander by radio talk show host (November 2011)
MSNBC/Minneapolis Star Tribune - N.Y. sues Guidant over its defibrillators
Atlanta Journal Constitution - Employer liable for employee's accident (driving while on cell phone)
Legal expert Binder urges companies to make rules and keep reminding workers about them. Doing so can lighten potential liability, though not eliminate it, he said.
A one-time e-mailed message to workers may not suffice.... Did the employer do everything possible to avoid accidents? Companies have to educate on a constant basis, Binder said.
News Daily - Home Depot/Isuzu Lawsuit
Associated Press - 9/11 Compensation Fund Office Closes
Associated Press (over 20 newspapers) - 9/11 Compensation Fund
The New York Times - 9/11 Compensation Fund issues
The New York Times - 9/11 Litigation

* Miscellaneous Issues
Johns Creek Patch - Professor's Book Gives Tips for College Success (April 2012)
Treviso, Italy TV News – Study Abroad class on television (July 2010)
Daily Report – GSU prof offers light-hearted lessons (April 2009) - 11th Circuit Tackles Trademarks, Internet (April 2008)
Houston Chronicle - It's T-minus one for Rocket/Clemens faces challenge today (Feb. 2008)
Daily Report - University research gives boost to practice of IP law (Jan. 2008)
ESPN Classic - Discussed controversial sports figures, including O.J. Simpson, Pete Rose, and Tonya Harding
Fox News - Politics at the Olympics
Russia Profile magazine - Moscow and the 2012 Olympic Bid

Binder's Radio & Television appearances
FOX-TV Atlanta - Employees who blog on and off company time
Court TV Radio - Duke Lacrosse Sexual Allegations
ESPN Classic - Discussed controversial sports figures, including O.J. Simpson, Pete Rose, and Tonya Harding
WGST Radio
, Atlanta, GA - Wal-Mart Class action Certification

CBS Radio News (Nationwide) - 9/11 Compensation Fund deadline
AP Radio (Nationwide) - 9/11 Compensation Fund deadline
WRVA, Richmond, VA - 9-11 Litigation
CFRB, Toronto, Canada - 9-11 Litigation
WSYR, Syracuse, NY - 9/11 Compensation Fund issues
KXLY, Spokane, WA - 9/11 Compensation Fund issues
WSB-TV Action News, Atlanta, GA - McDonald's Contest Fraud case

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