Thursday, March 24, 2016

Speaking on Cyberbullying Law in the Workplace for Georgia PTA at Annual Conference in June

Looking forward to presenting this session:

Cyberbullying Law & Ethics for PTA Leaders
SaturdayJune 25 
This session exposes leaders to the consequences of cyberbullying – not in schools - but in the business world.  Participants will learn how to sensitize students to workplace ramifications, as employees are fired for inappropriate social media posts.  By showing students that their current posts can be retrieved and affect their future employment, they may think twice about cyberbullying fellow students.

Learning Objectives
Participants will learn about:
-          Current social media tools of student choice, including anonymous platforms such as YikYak
-          How employers can do a deep web search on job applicants, going back seven years
-          Specific examples of employees getting fired for cyberbullying
-          Ethical Social Media Policies developed by companies, as employers take cyberbullying very seriously
-          How employees have very little protection against getting fired for inappropriate posts, even if done off company time and on personal equipment

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