Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Speaking at College Panther Preview for High School Students (October 27)

One of my favorite activities - Giving high school students a taste of college, with a simulated "mock class" at GSU:

I. First Day of Class Simulation

Index Card for Book Giveaways:
Favorite Movie or TV Show dealing with LAW      

Syllabus Excerpt – Wormy Legal Disclaimer…
Any and all legal opinions or statements as to legal matters made by the Instructor are for class discussion purposes only, and are never to be taken as dispensing legal advice.  This includes any conversations with students, whether during or outside class time.

II. Social Media Law in the Workplace

Did you know:
The Federal Trade Commission permits employers to do a deep web search on job applicants, going back seven years
Employees have very little protection against getting fired for inappropriate posts, even if done off company time and on personal equipment

In Georgia, an “at will employee” may be fired for any reason, unless:
1-      A contract says otherwise
2-     union - collective bargaining agreement
          3-   company handbook
4 -  discrimination laws

Employees represent the company 24/7?

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