Thursday, March 1, 2018


I've been writing about and training HR professionals and employees on this topic for years.  New journal article coming out soon.

Excerpt from Southern Law Journal... 
Social media has complicated personal and professional lives. What was once bullying in school or the workplace has turned into a 24/7 harassment tool, with cyberbullying on the rise. What was once hidden youthful indiscretions in a pre-social media world has turned into the need for employees to scrub their internet presence in the hopes of securing or keeping a job. Posting fun work-related pictures online in a work uniform cannot only be misconstrued, they can get you fired.

While social media has both a positive and negative impact on society, this article judges neither.  Rather, its purpose is to sensitize business students on appropriate and ethical use of the Internet in private and work lives.  To do so, the author developed numerous projects over several years, dating from social media’s early days to present day. 

Read article by clicking here (go to Fall 2017 edition)

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