Monday, May 6, 2019

Great Time Speaking with 8th Graders / After School All Stars Atlanta

We did a simulated First Day of Class in College.  After going over the syllabus, we covered:


Theme 1: The Consequences of Winding up in Court
Theme 2: How to Protect Your Business Before Its Formation
Theme 3: Knowing Your Individual Legal Rights

Civil and Criminal Cases

Example of Civil Case: Negligence

1-      Does the defendant owe a duty to plaintiff?
2-     Did defendant breach that duty? ...
3-     By proximately causing …
4-     Damages

Palsgraf case and Proximate Cause
a-     Were the events foreseeable? or …
b-     Did the series of events break the chain of causation?

Example of Criminal Case: 4th Amendment

Warrant to search home - Police need probable cause, based on “objective, articulated facts.”

What is suppressed evidence?
-          It depends – Were the police lawfully present?

Exclusionary rule
-          Fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine

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