Friday, July 26, 2019

Training Session: Minimizing External Business Risks

Looking forward to this session:

Minimizing External Business Risks - Half Day - Three (3) contact hours*

A. Overview of Legal System
-          How attorneys strategize and interact with the business side

B. Effective document retention programs
-          Paper and electronic
-          What is a litigation hold?

      C. Introduction to Business Litigation
-         Types of damages
-         Mitigation of damages
-         Agency issues
-         Equitable Issues
-         Defenses

D. The Business Person’s Role in the Litigation Process
-         A business case is built on documents
How to avoid "smoking gun" documents 
How electronic discovery is increasing corporate risk
Ethical solutions to potential liability issues 
Your role in a lawsuit's discovery process 
o   Production of documents
o   Preparing for your deposition
Effective interaction with counsel 
Defusing lawyer tricks and tactics
Interactive exercises:  Ethics module
Homework: GM case

* This session can be in a Full Day, Six (6) hour format. (usually done for paralegal or new attorney training and may not be needed for business people)

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