Monday, February 1, 2021

Zoom Employee Training Topics for Companies in 2021


Interactive Business Cases for Companies:

I. Leading by Example to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture
A. Handling Employee Social Media Issues in and out of the Workplace
B. Ethics and Morale Building in the Workplace for Executives, Managers, or Employees
      C. Re-Sensitizing Employees to Harassment and Discrimination Issues

II. Internal Controls: Protecting the Company’s Assets
A. Contracts - What managers and supervisors need to know about contracts
B. Intellectual Property - All employees must guard the company’s valuable brand
C. Minimizing External Business Risks with an Effective Document Retention Program

Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Holidays / Web Site has 55,000 Unique Visits in 2020


Everyone - I want to wish you a happy holiday in this trying year.  I especially want to express my gratitude to clients this year and from years past.

Looking forward to getting back to in-person training some time in 2021.


Thursday, July 16, 2020

Just Published: The Entrepreneurs with No Garage Project

Entrepreneurs with No Garage is a team project in my Tech Law for Entrepreneurs course, focusing on the most common mistakes that people make when forming a business without legal counsel. In the assignment, students assume the role of a hypothetical business partner in a start-up with only $500 for initial legal costs. Students participate in exercises that allocate these funds; assess personal and company risk levels; draft a Shareholder Agreement entailing different roles and capital contributions; and write a Work for Hire agreement with a clause conferring intellectual property ownership. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Spotlight Session: Firing Employees for Their Social Media Posts: Ethical and Legal Issues

Firing Employees for Their Social Media Posts: Ethical and Legal Issues Used at the MBA level and conducted at companies for executives and mid-level staff, my published Sage business case provides a hypothetical set of facts in which an employee uses social media to complain about an employer. The employee made the complaints on his own time and using personal equipment. Participants are placed in the role of a manager, who must navigate the ethical and legal boundaries of workplace speech. Recent case law will be discussed as some HR professionals may be surprised to learn that their company social media policy is defective and in need of revision.

By the end of this business case, participants should be able to:
• weigh ethical and legal issues when addressing an employee’s social media activities; and
• understand the importance of managers in communicating effectively with employees on complying with social media policies, both in and out of the workplace.

Furthermore, the group should have an improved understanding of how managers need to:
• balance ethical issues, attendant to an employee’s social media activities;
• assess legal issues when addressing an employee’s social media activities;
• determine whether “employees at will” have workplace social media speech rights;
• interact with company human resources professionals prior to disciplining an employee; and
• ensure that they effectively communicate company social media policies to employees.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

IP for WomenLead GSU Entrepreneurs

Great time speaking on hashtagIP for hashtagWomenLead hashtagGSU hashtagEntrepreneurs class with Dr. Isabelle Monlouis.hashtag

5 Common Law Mistakes:
Choosing wrong business partners
Incorporating before a trademark search
Securing corporate name trademark protection
Entity selection
- Not having a Shareholders Agreement to protect self-interest
- Not having Work for Hire Agreements with Transfer of IP