Saturday, December 16, 2023

Teaching Technology Law for Entrepreneurs, Spring 2024

I am looking forward to this class. In it, I explain that lawyers ask many questions before they give answers / No “one size fits all.” 

Legal Questions if we Started a Business to Build and Monetize an App 



  • Is your app unique? 
  • Can its functions be replicated by others? 
  • Is your app legally protectable? 
    • Functionality 
    • Content 
    • Name 
      • Have you secured domains names prior to a trademark search? 
  • Are you an idea person, a techie, or both? 
    • Do you need a partner to succeed? 
      • If so, do you have an agreement? 
        • Are you putting in the same amount of money? 
          • Do some bring sweat equity? 
            • Are the roles well defined? 
      • Do you need to incorporate? 
  • Will the app collect data? 
    • Do you know the latest laws governing EU nations and data privacy? 
  • While developing your app, are you factoring in commercial appeal? 
    • How are you going to make money? 
      • Are there licensing opportunities? 
        • Are there cross-licensing opportunities? 
    • How are you going to market your product? 
      • Leveraging the internet and social networks for business gain 
      • SEO 
      • Keyword Advertising 
        • E.g. Google Ads 
      • What’s the best social media tool to promote your product? 
      • How do you get on the Apple Store/Google Play? 
  • Will your app have a supporting web page that enhances the app experience? 
  • Do you need to hire independent contractors to develop the app, create a logo, or design a web page? 
    • What contracts MUST you have those people sign? 
  • Who will sign confidentiality agreements and who may say no 
  • Do you have Disclaimers and a TOS? 
    • Are they enforceable?

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