Friday, August 2, 2013

Social media policies “critical” to workplaces

I found an excellent article in Human Capital magazine on social media policies.  Under its "Key HR Takeaways" section concerning employees who complain about unfair wages and below standard working conditions, refer to my prior blog post (Social Media Policies and the NLRB's Crack Down on General Language) on inappropriate terminations by employers, and NLRB actions (even in "at will" states) for violations of Section 7 of the NLRA,

Social media policies “critical” to workplaces

HC magazine (Australia)

Regardless of employers encouraging or discouraging it, employees are accessing social media while at work. A 2012 report from SilkRoad Technologies that surveyed 1,105 employees found that 75% of workers access social media from personal devices at least once a day, with 60% accessing multiple times.

Reports of increased numbers of bullying via social media affecting the workplace are also commonplace in today’s media. The nation’s peak union group called for practical jokes, offensive and crude messages over email, SMS or social media to be included as part of a draft code of practice on bullying.

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Social media policies “critical” to workplaces

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