Tuesday, August 12, 2014

YouTube: Professor Binder's Sample Closing Argument

Several years ago, I watched an attorney do a closing argument on the calculation of punitive damages. (I wish I could remember who it was.)  In it, the attorney referenced a passage from the Bible.  Though this would be grounds for objection, the other side didn't do so, possibly for fear of offending a juror seeing that attorney objecting to Scripture.

This short video is a mock closing argument on punitive damages.  In Georgia, once a jury in a civil action awards compensatory (or actual) damages, the jurors are asked on the Verdict form whether punitive (or punishing) damages are warranted.  If they check "Yes," then the plaintiffs and defendants are given an opportunity to present a second closing argument on the amount of punitive damages.  I can't remember if the props I use (10 shiny pennies) was my idea, or borrowed from someone else.

YouTube: Professor Binder's Sample Closing Argument

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